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photography templates & photoshop marketing for wedding photographers



hiwelcome to bittersweet design boutique! we specialize in creating beautiful photography templates & photo marketing designs for professional photographers so they can affordably expand their business & attract the right clients.


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about bittersweet

bittersweet design boutique creates unique photography templates & marketing materials for professional photographers. our versatile photoshop templates allow creatives to brand their businesses beautifully at an affordable price. photo card templates help photographers save time and money, as each design can be used over and over again with clients & for personal branding purposes. some of our most popular products include business cards, gift card templates, dvd designs, facebook timeline templates, & photo marketing sets. the photo world is competitive, so we have put together a set of high-end templates that will set you apart from the crowd!


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meet rose lindo, owner of bittersweet design boutique

 starting from scratch.

Several years ago, while browsing the Craigslist ads one afternoon, I noticed a local photographer’s need for a second shooter. I was captivated by the company's beautiful images and knew that I wanted to somehow be a part of it all. Just HOW I was going to do this, I wasn’t quite sure, because I was a designer--not a photographer.

On a whim, I made a quick phone call to the photographer and learned that I was the only person to call out of the hundreds of email responses that they received. Several cups of coffee later, I was designing photography goodies and marketing resources instead of second shooting, which was exactly what I had hoped for all along. It didn’t take long before other photographers started contacting me about my work, and Bittersweet was born.

Bittersweet Design Boutique provides photographers with unique design solutions and photo card templates that allow creative professionals to market their work beautifully and expand their line of products.

Versatility is something I really take pride in - all of my photography templates have multiple uses, so you can easily transform a save the date into a birth announcement, marketing flyer, or holiday card within a matter of minutes. With the use of Photoshop, no two cards will ever have to look the same! Photographers can use the designs over and over again with clients as well as to market their own businesses.

I'm so thankful to have all of your support. Without each of you, I wouldn't get to wake up to my dream job each day.

Wonderful template, beautiful and easy to use. Great communication, a perfect transaction - I'll return for more of your stunning products!
Cindy Taylor | Photography Pricing Template

Loved that is was easy to use and fully customizable. I am too lazy to create something like this for myself so I am eternally grateful for folks that create these for me.
Megan Campbell | Facebook Timeline Template


You have mastered the art of photography, but one thing is missing. You dream of having a high-end brand that attracts the right clients, but you also do not want to break the bank. Sound familiar? We are here to help! Our photography templates are designed specifically for the savvy photographer who is stylish, talented, and dedicated to staying behind the camera in order to make the most of their sessions.

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